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Eugene, TBS, and Our First Show!

Wow!  Our first show went fantastic last night – everyone was really happy with how it went, and the crowd in Eugene was AMAZING.  Holy moses!  What a welcome!!  The roar was deafening – even from backstage in the dressing rooms!  I hope everyone who came out last night had a great time. It was a perfect way to kick off our tour!  Thanks, Eugene!

Our “Secret Hashtag” for the night (#jubjub) worked great, too – and it was awesome to sit backstage and watch The Fan Wall (Beware of Spoilers) as people were watching the show and tweeting about it live!  I even read a bunch of your tweets to Conan and Andy when we were backstage during the show, and they loved it!  Very cool. Thanks for playing along, party people! Every show will have a different tag… So if you’re coming to the show tonight, be on the lookout for what tonight’s secret hashtag is!  Is this gonna be fun or what?! (Answer: Yes, it’s going to be fun.)

Of course, the debut of our live tour is only PART of the amazing news that happened yesterday… The other being the announcement that we will have a new show on TBS starting in November! Everyone is asking me if I knew about this beforehand, and the answer is… Not really.  I knew maybe an hour before the world knew.  Here’s how I found out:

Yesterday in Eugene, I was called down to breakfast around 9am and met up with Conan and Jeff (Ross, our exec producer), who were sitting at a corner table at the hotel restaurant.  I sat down, and was like “all right, what should today’s tweet be?  Something about our first show? Something about Eugene?” Conan turned to me with a smile and said “No. We’re going to TBS in November.” I yelled “AWESOME!”, we shook hands, he clapped me on the back, I apologized to the other people in the restaurant for yelling awesome really loudly, and then we wrote the tweet announcing the TBS deal to the world!  I can’t tell you how excited I am. I’ve been with Conan since 2001, and I think that TBS will be a GREAT fit for us, in every way that I can imagine. Very very exciting!  This tour will be nothing but fun - especially now that we know there’s a job at the end of it!  ;)

One note regarding comments: I will definitely be responding to all of you, but this site is still being tweaked – so I won’t have the ability to do that until tonight or early tomorrow.  But it will happen, so have no fear.  Thanks for your patience.  I’ve gotta run on out to the stage, but I’ll be back later today!  (I’m not just gonna do one post a day – there’s too much going on!)  Peace!