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Round on the end, high in the middle - what's the answer to this riddle?

My day off in Columbus Ohio today was divided up into two parts:

1.) Scott Cronick and I walked around, despairing at all the places that were closed on a Sunday afternoon.  All we were trying to do was get something to eat, but we ended up walking over a mile and half before we saw any real crowds of people!  When we finally came upon a place with a bunch of people standing outside, we rushed in, expecting to find a giant food court.  What we found instead was a giant sports complex that was the home of the Ohio Valley Regional Women's Volleyball championships!  It was SURREAL, and both Cronick and I felt really weird about being surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of middle school girls and their parents.  We felt even weirder taking pictures. What can I say?  That's life on the road, sugarsnap.  You leave the hotel and go exploring in a strange town, you better be ready to stumble upon a strange ride!  I bought a tee shirt, which I will be proudly displaying to the crew tomorrow... Like I don't get made fun of enough already.  Ha ha ha.  Oh god.

2.) The second half of my day was taken over completely by the end of LOST.  I barricaded myself in my hotel room for the second half of the day and watched last week's LOST episode, then watched the 2 hour recap, then the 2 and a half hour series finale, then the Jimmy Kimmel LOST special.  Holy crap.  I feel like I'M the Smoke Monster at this point.  Jesus.  It was totally awesome, I totally loved the whole thing, but I feel really weird.  Also, to make it more of a special occasion, I ordered room service for the first time in my life!  Meatloaf and apple pie.  It was killer.  I jumped on the beds, recharged my mental batteries, downloaded some music, and washed all the ice cream, pie crumbs, and LOST tears out of my beard. Great night.

Tomorrow we've got a show at Ohio State University, that's only open to students for some reason!  I feel kind of bad, because you guys know that I wish that EVERYONE could share in the fun of our show... But that's how it was booked! Lucky lucky students. It should be an insane college crowd.  I can't wait!  See you in another life, brotha!  (Or should I say... Tomorrow!)  Peace ouuuuuuuuuut.