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Movie Reviews: Conan O'Brien Can't Stop


  • "Hilarious… a joy to watch"
    - Sean Dwyer,
  • "Thoroughly entertaining doc… shows O'Brien funnier than ever, even when wounded."
    - John DeFore, Hollywood Reporter
  • "A must-see."
    - Steven Bryan, Yahoo!
  • "O'Brien is constantly funny, even at his meanest. Can't Stop is rawer for exposing the slight edges in attitude than if it showed him break down crying."
    - Fred Topel, Screen Junkies
  • "So funny you'll need to see it twice!"
    - Christopher Campbell, MovieFone
  • "The biggest laughs and most intriguing revelations are provided offstage in this slickly produced documentary"
    - Joe Leydon, Variety
  • "A winning, charming, you’ll-miss-stuff-because-you’re-still-laughing-too-hard concert documentary… It's downright amazing."
    - IndieWire
  • "Intimate, hilarious portrait of an artist in flux."
    - Drew McWeeny, HitFix
  • "It’s a crowd pleaser like nobody’s business and what’s even better is it’s not a blowjob to its subject so there’s not guilt for enjoying what could have easily been a giant fluff piece."
    - Quint, Ain't It Cool News
  • "Brings laughs every minute"
    - Jessica Lewis, DorkShelf
  • "Hilarious and surprisingly moving."
    - C. Robert Carbgill,
  • "Wildly Entertaining!"
    - Belinda Acosta, Austin Chronicle
  • "Behind-the-scenes gold."
    - Karen Valby, Entertainment Weekly
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