30 Rock

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  1. Jack McBrayer Looooooves Bud Light

    CONAN Highlight: Jack isn't getting paid to shill Bud Light, he just likes it that much. "It goes with everything!"

  2. Jack McBrayer's Post-"30 Rock" Plans

    He may not make the most threatening villain. "I'm going to kill you, lady!"

  3. Jack McBrayer's Back Yard Is Infested With Crows

    They're dropping the nastiest stuff so Jack is coping by readying his BB gun. Just to scare them!

  4. Jack McBrayer Returns To Chicago

    Jack McBrayer makes his triumphant return to his old home, The Second City.

  5. Jack McBrayer: 'Po Folks Waiter

    Jack McBrayer talks about his humble beginnings at a southern restaurant called "Po' Folks."

  6. Tracy Morgan: Obama's A Gangbanger Who Needs A Tattoo

    Tracy Morgan thinks it's high time the commander-in-chief gets some ink done.

  7. Tracy Morgan Is Khloe Kardashian's Daddy

    Tracy Morgan makes some outlandish claims about Khloe Kardashian's conception.

  8. Jack McBrayer's Family Vacation Tales 01/11/12

    The "30 Rock" star explains the unique ways of his family.

  9. Jack McBrayer On "The Simpsons" And Downtime At "30 Rock" 01/11/12

    Our good friend Jack McBrayer reveals what happens when his "30 Rock" co-stars are bored on set!

  10. Alec Baldwin Interview Pt. 2 12/05/11

    Alex Baldwin may not be running, but the cabbies will be voting for him. Part two.

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