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  1. Andy Richter Reports: Elderly Paperweights, Bad Seashell Advice, &...

    Andy's got the buzz on all the hot stories from next week.

  2. Scraps: Tiny Conan, Cleaner of Ears

    After ragging on Andy at rehearsal, Conan makes amends by shrinking down & giving him a personal ear massage.

  3. Andy Richter Reports: Toddler Control Room, Animal Catapults, & More

    Andy's got the skinny on the latest breaking news stories.

  4. Andy Richter Reports: Animal Hospitals, Expensed Beer & More

    Andy gets the lowdown on the hottest news stories of next week.

  5. Andy Richter Reports: Dog Shell Games, McBrayer Tattoos & More

    Andy gives a special preview of all the stories that will DOMINATE next week's news.

  6. Andy Richter Reports On Pen Suicide, Halloween Procrastinators, &...

    Andy Richter collects the most important news of the week so YOU don't have to.

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