The Big Bang Theory

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  1. Johnny Galecki Is An Award Show Pro

    From meeting President Clinton to squeezing Kaley Cuoco's butt, he's got them locked down.

  2. Johnny Galecki's Flight To Japan Was Super-Awkward

    From his perch in Business, it was like Johnny was a king on the throne, lording over the serfs in Economy.

  3. Kaley Cuoco Is A Scantily-Clad Ping-Pong Cheat

    Kaley's table tennis prowess might stem from her teeny-tiny outfits.

  4. Jim Parsons Almost Rocked Princess Leia's Slave Bikini

    CONAN Highlight: Sadly for "The Big Bang Theory" viewers, it was downgraded to a French Maid outfit.

  5. Jim Parsons Will Never, Ever Forget "The Elements" Song

    Not to be outdone by Jim, Conan shows he can still rattle off his Santa speech from 2nd grade.

  6. Jim Parsons Brings Conan A Holiday Gift

    Jim put us in the Christmas spirit with an Amigurumi "Sheldon" doll & a demented elf.

  7. Chuck Lorre: Science-Boosting Philanthropist

    Thanks to a visit to a free clinic, Chuck Lorre is only too happy to give back to the hard sciences.

  8. How Chuck Lorre Got His Big Break In Television

    One of Chuck's early gigs was writing "Muppet Babies." Does that mean Prof. Honeydew = Sheldon from "Big Bang Theory"?

  9. Simon Helberg's Creepy Adventures At Mommy & Me Yoga

    When Simon can't engage his vaginal muscles, things get traumatic.

  10. Simon Helberg Explains The "Stool Phase"

    Every entertainment career reaches the stool phase.

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