The Big Bang Theory

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  1. Simon Helberg Gets Possessed By Robin Williams

    We knew he could impersonate Nic Cage, but Simon's Mork From Ork is just spooky.

  2. Kunal Nayyar's Puppy Pees And Poops A Lot

    The "Big Bang" star is having a hard time adjusting to doggy-parenthood.

  3. Kunal Nayyar On His "Big Bang Theory" Love Interest

    Chuck Lorre told Comic-Con he can't wait to see it, and neither can we.

  4. Kunal Nayyar Wants To Be Hairless As An Olympic Swimmer

    Kunal Nayyar may no longer manscape, but he's still captivated by smooth moobs.

  5. Johnny Galecki's Chicago Nickname Was "Bitchfingers"

    Everyone in Chicago has long names, so sometimes you're given honorary nonsensical nicknames.

  6. Johnny Galecki Brokers A Truce Between Cubs & White Sox Fans

    Johnny Galecki Unites Chicago baseball fans over a common rival.

  7. Simon Helberg Saw The Metta World Peace Elbowing

    Simon Helberg knows exactly why he had to step in for Metta World Peace, he was there.

  8. Simon Helberg Watches Porny Childbirth Videos

    Simon Helberg knows everything there is to know about water births.

  9. When Simon Helberg Met Stephen Hawking

    CONAN highlight: Simon Helberg got to meet scientist/rockstar Stephen Hawking on "The Big Bang Theory."

  10. Kunal Nayyar's Big Fat Indian Wedding

    Kunal Nayyar nearly died on a horse in the middle of his wedding celebration.

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