Campain '12

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  1. Please Stop Congratulating Deon Cole On Obama's Re-Election

    There's only so much white high-fiving a black man can take before it gets scary.

  2. "Drunk" Diane Sawyer Had A Lot Of Company

    CONAN Highlight: Many suspect the ABC anchor was soused, but as the tape shows, she was not alone.

  3. Conan Congratulates The Winner of the Presidential Election

    The results weren't in yet, so Conan made sure to cover his bases. All his bases.

  4. The Terrible 20: Excuses For Not Voting

    Ugh. Democracy is so much work.

  5. Media Reacts: Salty Campaign Final Days Edition

    CONAN Highlight: Local news has a thirst-inducing take on the presidential election.

  6. Mitt Romney's Celeb-Packed Campaign Rally

    The Republican Party is filled with stars...sorta.

  7. Facebook Political Memes Throughout American History

    Politics and social media have always been an annoying mix.

  8. The Completely Accurate And Highly-Scientific Presidential...

    These polls have a margin of error of 0%.

  9. Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Hits The Final Presidential Debate

    It was a night of political nuance and intelligent discussion...for Triumph to poop on!

  10. The Final Debate's Oddest Moment

    Conan cut this clip from Tuesday's show, but the writers bullied him into sharing it with America.

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