Jose Arroyo

Jose Arroyo

  1. Syrian Election Results Are In!

    There are rumors that the middle eastern country's election was rigged, but there's no real way to know for sure.

  2. Scraps: Figuring Out The Dash Cam Sketch

    A behind-the-scenes peek how a sketch is put together.

  3. Presenting The Gold iPhone 5s

    CONAN Highlight: Apple's fresh new design team really has the Midas touch.

  4. YouTube Commenters Invade Conan's Audience

    YouTube no longer takes anonymous comments, so all the worst ones have gathered in our studio.

  5. Scraps: Writer Jose Arroyo Is Not Conan's "Sweetheart"

    Conan takes issue with his writer's outdated terms of endearment.

  6. Angry Justin Bieber Fans Abuse His Announcer

    Justin Bieber was 2 hours late, but his poor announcer was the one to face the horde of ticked-off tweens.

  7. Team Coco Presents: Authoritatively Funny

    CONAN writers read live from their books in LA on December 14th.

  8. Profiles In Courage: Women's Olympic Beach Volleyball Creeps

    The Olympics are over, but not for these three creeps who love everything about women's volleyball.

  9. CONAN.XXX Presents: "Please Do The Crossword With My Wife"

    Conan presents another "adult" video from his brand new XXX website.

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