Peanut Theater

10 Items
  1. Conan Peanut Players Present: John Travolta's Massage

    CONAN highlight: The prestigious peanut players show us their take on John Travolta's recent encounter with a...

  2. Conan Peanut Players Present: Tim Tebow's Miraculous Pass

    We couldn't afford actual NFL footage, so we called the Peanut Players to reenact the Broncos' victory.

  3. Conan Peanut Players Present: Justin Bieber's Sexual Encounter

    There's no video evidence of what really happened, so Conan's Peanuts re-enact the scene!

  4. Conan Peanut Players Reenact Herman Cain's Sexual Harassment

    No video footage? No problem! The CONAN Peanut Players come to the rescue!

  5. Conan Peanut Players Re-Enact Marathoner Baby Delivery

    Since there's no footage of the pregnant woman's famous feat, Conan improvises!

  6. Peanut Theater: Conan At The Emmy Awards

    The prestigious peanuts of Peanut Theater reenact Conan's messy night at the Emmys.

  7. Peanut Theater: Gerard Depardieu Peeing on a Plane

    The Peanut Theater Players reenact Gerard Depardieu's messy plane ride.

  8. Peanut Theater: Diana Nyad's Failed Swim

    The dramatic retelling of Diana Nyad's failed swim from Cuba to Florida... told with peanuts.