Jack McBrayer

Jack McBrayer

It's the last season for Jack McBrayer on "30 Rock." Let's hope Kenneth the Page is running Kabletown by the final episode.

  1. ANOTHER Plastic Surgery Addict Surfaces

    He spent a fortune to look like a hayseed bumpkin rather than like a chiseled adonis like Brad Pitt.

  2. Conan's Next Famous Intern

    CONAN Highlight: Conan's gonna pick which current intern will join the storied ranks of John Krasinski & Mindy Kaling.

  3. The New "Breaking Bad" Drug Lord Isn't So Scary

    CONAN Highlight: Call us crazy, but this guy doesn't really rank as one of Vince Gilligan's greatest villains.

  4. Jack McBrayer Teaches Deon About White History Month

    It's an important month because when else are you going to hear about the exploits of dead white men?

  5. Andy Richter Reports: Dog Shell Games, McBrayer Tattoos & More

    Andy gives a special preview of all the stories that will DOMINATE next week's news.

  6. Jack McBrayer Returns...As An Audience Member

    It's great to have Jack back, but he's a little distractingly pro-Georgia.

  7. Jack McBrayer's April Fools' Prank

    We're not positive, but it seems Jack might not be clear on how this April Fools' thing works.

  8. Jack McBrayer Looooooves Bud Light

    CONAN Highlight: Jack isn't getting paid to shill Bud Light, he just likes it that much. "It goes with everything!"

  9. Jack McBrayer's Post-"30 Rock" Plans

    He may not make the most threatening villain. "I'm going to kill you, lady!"

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