Jimmy Pardo

Jimmy Pardo

Our friend the always-hilarious Jimmy Pardo hosts the "Never Not Funny" Podcast, which is on the cutting edge of double-negative technologies.

  1. Jimmy Pardo Interview Pt. 1 11/19/13

    Jimmy was raised in Chicago, and lives in Los Angeles with his family, so naturally his son is a Cincinnati Reds fan.

  2. Jimmy Pardo Is Having "Gentleman Problems"

    Gather round kids, and let Uncle Jimmy tell you all about what's been happening with his testicle.

  3. Jimmy Pardo's Proudest Baseball Moment

    Throwing the first pitch for the White Sox is every Chicago alpha male's dream...

  4. Jimmy Pardo Has An Uncensored Son

    Whether watching "Brave" or seeing his grandpa Walter Koenig get honored, Jimmy's son has no filter.

  5. What's So Funny: Jimmy Pardo's New Show Is A Joke

    Demon daycare, Dan Harmon, and a "Paranormal Activity" parody. This is what's funny.

  6. Jimmy Pardo Hits The Autograph Convention

    Jimmy Pardo goes undercover at an autograph convention as Metal Detector Mike from "Baywatch."

  7. Pardo Patrol: Fred Armisen

    Jimmy Pardo coaxes Fred Armisen into coming inside the studio.

  8. Pardo Patrol: Martin Short

    Showbiz legend Martin Short gets busted by our own Jimmy Pardo!

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