Simon Pegg

Simon Pegg

"Star Trek Into Darkness" star Simon Pegg is an unabashed nerd. He'd be the perfect judge for our Jawa Beauty Pageant! Just wait till you see the swimsuit competition...

  1. Simon Pegg Slept With Nick Frost

    When a homeless Simon needed a place to stay, Nick offered to share his very large and comfy bed.

  2. Nick Frost Is Best Mates With Simon Pegg

    After doing five movies together, they're so close they can do things like grab each other's crotches.

  3. Zachary Quinto & The Cast Of "Star Trek Into Darkness" Hit A Hooters

    Before starting a pub crawl with Benedict Cumberbatch & Simon Pegg, they began at the boob-themed wing restaurant.

  4. Thandie Newton Pranked Simon Pegg HARD

    When Thandie comes to prank, she comes with both barrels blazing, and three bottles of vodka at her side.

  5. Simon Pegg Loves To Torture His Twitter Followers

    Simon Pegg likes to have a little fun with the folks who take Twitter a little too seriously.

  6. Simon Pegg Finds Tom Cruise Sickeningly Good-Looking

    Simon Pegg confirms the terrible rumors that Tom Cruise is both handsome AND kind. Jerk.

  7. Simon Pegg Interview Pt. 2 06/16/11

    Simon Pegg discusses action figures, R2D2 and Comic Con violence. Part two.

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