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  1. Jason Segel's Awkward Spanish Interview

    In the middle of his Univision interview, Jason's in-ear English translation stopped, but he kept soldiering on.

  2. Matt Walsh Is Obsessed With Weather

    Matt watches so much Weather Channel, he's started dreaming up his own meteorologist stage names.

  3. Weird Fears: Jenny Slate's Pony Phobia

    The "Obvious Child" star has a litany of reasons why horses are the worst.

  4. Michael Strahan's Humiliating Animal Scare

    At this rate, Michael will never live down the time Hayden Panettiere tossed him a fake snake on live TV.

  5. Famke Janssen's Dog Has A Sex Tape

    Famke's dog is so progressive, he has a boyfriend AND a lover.

  6. Michael Strahan: "Babe" Makes Me Cry

    Watching the pig get a thumbs-up from Farmer Hoggett brings a tear to Michael's eye.

  7. Joe Manganiello Teaches Stripper Moves To Conan

    CONAN Highlight: Conan gets instructed in the fine art of body rolls by no less an expert than Big Dick Richie from "Magic...

  8. Michael Sheen Turns His Brain Off For Sexy Scenes

    Michael's surrounded by nudity at "Masters Of Sex" -- so he has to be careful not to come across as a creep.

  9. Joe Manganiello: Before & After

    Before Joe turned into the "True Blood" werewolf we all know and love, he was just a skinny dude with glasses.

  10. Michael Sheen Liked To Pick Up His Teeny Tiny Welsh Mom

    Michael's mother is 4'11, so whenever she would yell at him, he would just toss her outside and shut the door.

  11. Joe Manganiello's Dinner With Schwarzenegger

    Joe's story teaches us two things: Ahnuld is obsessed with protein and Joe does a GREAT Schwarzenegger impression.

  12. Team Coco Podcast #141: Jason Mantzoukas

    Rafi from "The League" talks about his favorite terrible movies.

  13. World Cup Star Omar Gonzalez On How To Pose Nude

    CONAN Highlight: Omar is in such great shape that he doesn't mind dropping trou whenever and wherever.

  14. Jason Biggs Tasted His Wife's Breast Milk

    Jason was curious to see what his newborn son was drinking and so went right to the source.

  15. Ellie Kemper: Cameron Diaz's Naked Body Is Incredible

    Ellie thinks that Cameron's nude body is woo-worthy, and encourages you to "woo!" as well.

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