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Adowable Cwittew News: This Footlong Cannibal Sea Cockroach Needs Some Cocktail Sauce!

All The News That’s Fit To Awwwwww…

The webzone is one big cuddlepocalypse LOLOMG! There is the bunnies and there is the poochies and there is the monkey-monkeys! Here are a bunch ‘o super-cuddly linky-poos!

  • Invasion Of The Foot-Long Cannibal Shrimp!
    Oh wow, dinner at Red Lobster is going to get totally awesome! Instead of ordering, like, a dozen fried shrimpies, you’ll be able to just order one gigantic fried sea cockroach that once munched on the skulls of other shrimps like some kind of shrimp nightmare monster! []

  • It’s An Octopus Eat Seagull World!
    This little winged fella swooped down to say hi to his octo-buddy, and the tentacle snot bag reached up with his wiggly tentacles and hugged his pal! Hugged &​ hugged &​ hugged &​ then hugged him under the water, forever. []

  • Freakish 26-Toed Cat Worshipped Like Cat God!
    A Milwaukee animal rescue shelter is getting a ton of money from donors all because of this kitty who is snuggly AND a grotesque freak of nature! Lookit a cat that has 26 toesies! []

  • Sloths Are Adorable And Delicious!
    This New Yorker went to Peru and saw amazinggg aminals like turtles and toucans and sloths. Then, he ate them! That means those exotic animals are in his belly and therefore, really close to his heart. []

  • $5000 Bowwow Wedding!
    A wonderful couple spent $5000 to marry two super-cute doggies who are in so much love they want to sniff each other’s butts until death do them part! This seems like a great way to use money, instead of on credit card debt. []

  • This Cow Wasn’t Mad, Just Infected With Brain-Eating Virus!
    The government says that a cow in California has died of “mad cow disease,” triggering high-pitched squeals of horror from carnivores who can't stop eating Hamburger Helper directly from the skillet with a spatula. []