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Adowable Cwittew News: Morbidly Obese Weiner Dog Shuffles His Way Into Your Heart

All The News That's Fit To Awwwwww.

The interwebz hearts aminals like munkis, kittehs, and other snuggly-wugglies. Do you wuv puffballs, too? OMG! Then you're going to SQUEE over these supew-cute links. Tee-hee!

  • Double-Stuffed Dachshund Waddles Outside!
    Don't worry, an animal rights group rescued this 77-pound pooch and put him on a doggy diet. []

  • Mankind Creates Telepathic Rodents!
    A cutting-edge neurotechnology experiment enables rats to communicate telepathically from the U.S. to Brazil. []

  • Bird Invasion Can't Be Stopped!
    The Kentucky city of Hopkinsville is using air cannons and lasers to scare off a daily armada of blackbirds and starlings. []

  • Stuck-Up Monkeys Look Down On People!
    A recent study shows that capuchins do not suffer jerks and avoid humans who are selfish or mean. []

  • Zoo In Panic As Escaped Lions Rampage!
    A zoo in China was forced to shut down when a pair of lions escaped after a cleaner left their cage unlocked. []

  • Bulldog Shoots Human With Gun!
    A man was shot in the leg while driving a truck when his bulldog accidentally knocked over a .380 pistol. []

  • Monster Goldfish Invade Lake Tahoe!
    Giant 1.5 feet long, 4.2 pound non-native goldfish have been found in Lake Tahoe, the probable progeny of former pets dumped in the famous lake. []

  • Bloodthirsty Beasts Commit Interspecies Murder!
    Watch these slow-motion videos of fish, insects and other predators catching and devouring their prey. []