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America Gets Smooth For Conan

Taking a cue from Will Ferrell going Beardpocalypse all over Conan's face, Team Coco fans across the country are manning it up and shaving it off!

Ian from Flint shows his Beardpocalypse solidarity by going smooth on a 7 month beard! Nice work, my man... Nice work. You must feel 6 pounds lighter!

These fans went the extra mile and actually shaved while the show was going on. Wow! Tremendous job, fellas! My favorite part is that the guy on the left in the Hawaiian shirt was clearly talked into it by his friends and isn't sure he wants to lose the beard. Ha ha ha. Don't worry dudebro - you guys both look great! Thanks for doing it!

If you or anyone else you know has shaved because of what Will &​ Conan did, let us know in the comments below! THE BEARDPOCALYPSE CLAIMS YET MORE VICTIMS.