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The "Breaking Bad" Cast Series Finale Emotional GIF Journey

The Emmy-award winning drama is coming to an end – here are the stages of grief you can expect.

First, you're excited to find out the fate of Walter White and the rest of "Breaking Bad" characters. Yes! Finally! 98% pure "Breaking Bad!"

Then it slowly begins to dawn on you: this is the last time you'll ever see a new episode. What will you talk about with your coworkers Monday morning?

Then, you’ll be angry. "Breaking Bad!" How could you leave me? We had such good times together!

Depression will descend once you quickly realize that other shows aren't "Breaking Bad." Oh, God, it’s just "Low Winter Sun!" There’s nothing.

Finally, you'll collapse and drown in a pool of sorrow and White Zinfadel. "Breaking Bad" is over. There's nothing else out there for me…until I rewatch the series from the beginning.