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Celebrate International Beer Day With A Round of GIFs!

Happy International Beer Day!
Celebrate with a pint of Guinness and a round of GIFs from Conan's visit to the Dublin Guinness Brewery.
Conan reveals his ulterior motive for visiting the brewery...
...which is quickly derailed when he finds out he has to attend a mandatory tour first.
He learns the ins and outs of Guinness production.
He eats a piece of barley...
...which he realizes is a huge mistake.
A very huge mistake.
He moves on to observe the Wall of Fame.
Conan inquires about how quickly Paul Rudd was given free Guinness.
He finally makes it to the end of the tour...
...but first he has to learn the proper way to pour a pint of Guinness.
It seems like the moment is finally here...
...but it turns out there is still more learning to be had.
Conan FINALLY gets to enjoy his first sip of Guinness...
...and wishes you a very merry International Beer Day.

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