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Coco MoCA Update: New & Noteworthy Fan Art

It's no secret that our fans (that's you) are some of the most talented and prolific folks out there - so much so, that we had to create an entire virtual museum to hold all of the incredible Conan art that you've made!  Here are some of the new and noteworthy entries that have been recently inducted into the hallowed halls of the Coco MoCA:

Conan's famous String Dance is alive and well in "CoCo Dance Colored" by Vincent Waller - Vincent really nailed the lanky anti-coordination of our favorite Ginger host!  Nice work, good sir!


Hayden Halvorsen whipped up this beautiful and pensive portrait titled simply "Conan". Clean. Classic. CLAWESOME. (Not a real word, but still - you guys know what we're talking 'bout)


Nothing goes together better than beards and pipes - and luckily, Korareefi's piece, "Silver Platter Pipes" has both! As for a little insight into the creative process, Korareefi had this to say: "Ink on paper, then scanned &​ digitally colored. An early birthday present for Conan! 8-)" Great job on a classy piece, K!


The best kind of art gets into your head and lives there - and that's exactly what Michael Dee's piece, "Wheel and Deal" does: It makes you think! As Michael himself said, "I tried to leave this kinda open ended as to what the hell is going on. That way people can make up there own minds as to what Conan and Andy are doing out in the desert." Well said, Michael... Although, looking at what's in the truck, it's hard to believe they're just giving somebody a ride. ;)

As for the rest of you folks, if you'd like to submit your work to the Coco MoCA, you can do so right here - and even if you don't have any artistic talent, hop on over and vote on which pieces you like the best! Viva La Art! Viva La Conan!