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Favorite Things: Wavves

While visiting CONAN, Wavves played a game of "show and tell" with some of the things they can't leave home without.

"These are 1998 NBA Championship Lakers shorts. I got them because the Clippers are doing well so I felt, like, 'poor Lakers.' They're having a little rough time right now."
    - Nathan Williams, Vocals &​ Guitar

"When touring, I always take a bouquet of flowers with me because backstage is always so drab and these guys smell really bad on tour so this levels it all out."
   - Alex Gates, Guitar

"I'm a native Californian and I got this California Republic hat at Rite Aid. We play outdoors a lot and I need to avoid sunburn, with my Irish skin."
   - Brian Hill, Drums

"I bring a pregnant mother’s mentality with me to every performance, and then I channel that energy during the performance as if I’m giving birth to the music."
   - Stephen Pope, Bass

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