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GIFs: The Best Of The “Game Of Thrones” Cast On CONAN

Winter is coming — and so is the "Game of Thrones" cast... to #ConanCon!
Celebrate with our favorite GoT cast moments!
When Natalie Dormer said what every "Game of Thrones" actor is thinking at the start of a new season.
When John Bradley expressed why he's afraid of the "Game of Thrones" writers.
When Carice Van Houten revealed the one thing she fears more than being killed off the show.
When Natalie Dormer described how she'd like her character to go.
When Sophie Turner's parents tried to teach her about the birds and the bees a little too late.
When Maisie Williams explained why she almost missed her audition.
When Liam Cunningham told off Conan.
When George R.R. Martin dropped some #TRUTH.
When Emilia Clarke accidentally crashed a fan's "Game of Thrones" wedding.
When John Bradley encountered a rude fan.
When Sophie Turner licked a fan's Tyrion mask at Comic-Con.
When Maisie Williams vented about being left out... And then got sweet, sweet revenge on Sophie Turner.
And finally, when we found out George R.R. Martin is intentionally trying to mess with our emotions.
The Game begins 7/24 @ 11/10c on TBS Network.