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Meet Today's Fan Friday Fan: Jenny McCoy!

Every week, we like to pay tribute to the people who made us, and who KEEP making us awesome: YOU! That's right, as a thank you to ALL of you, we've plucked ONE of you from the crowd and asked her a bunch of questions. This week's lucky fan is none other than Ms. Jenny McCoy - Jenny, this is everybody, everybody, this is Jenny. Let's do this thing!

1. Please state your name, age and hometown for the record. (also, your twitter handle, if you have one)
Jenny McCoy, 26, Titusville, FL (shout out to fellow AHS alum, Tosh O!) and @jen_mccoy.

2. Relationship status?
Same answer as number three

3. Favorite snack?
Zours and/or fruit-filled Twizzlers

4. What was the last good movie you saw or the last good song you heard?

5. How long have you been Team Coco? What’s your earliest Conan memory?
I'm fairly new to the comedy scene, but I've long been an internet nerd. Conan's interview at Google blew me away.

6. How do you spend a typical day?
It really depends on what the internet throws at me. Sometimes someone will post a video of a momma cat cuddling a baby cat and that will consume quite a bit of my time. There's the refreshing, the sharing, the follow-up to the sharing (to ensure that everyone realizes I sent them a really amazing piece of the internet, first!). And then, there are the pictures of baby pigs wearing boots. But usually, I do social media during the day to earn some cash and watch amazing people like Kristen Schaal do stand up at night.

7. Tell us something about you that no one else knows.
That time in Tee-ball when I "accidentally" stepped on the ball on the way to first base and then all of the parents started arguing over whether I should be out or not - it wasn't an accident. It was curiosity!

8. Name five things - besides Conan - that make you laugh!
Zach Galifianakis (!), Will Ferrell, the video of the puppy trying to roll over, the video of the cat sneezing and farting at the same time, the video of the boy at the fair who says "I like turtles!"

9. What’s the one thing you would never ever do; not for a million dollars or all the chocolate in the world?
I'd have to know more about the taxes involved with the million dollars, but jumping out of a plane doesn't sound that fun to me.

10. What would you like to see more of from Team Coco?
Dance contests. Seriously, I have something amazing for you guys. It's called, "Walking through the China shop."

Thanks Jenny, you don't need a contest to show us your dance moves, but we'll see what we can do. As for the rest of you, if you'd like to be considered for next week's Fan Friday, tell us why we should pick you in the comments below! We'll select one of you at random to be featured next week. That's all for now... Have a great Memorial Day weekend!