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People Of Finland: Watch CONAN Online All This Week!

The world is a big place - and because of lawyers, red tape, and other willy bureaucratic nonsense, we're not allowed to stream videos of our show here on to our international fans. In many cases, this isn't a huge problem - most countries that can't watch our full episodes online can still watch our show on a local television channel. Unfortunately, that isn't the case with one of our most beloved countries: FINLAND.

Now, Conan looks like the President of Finland. He's had the run of the Presidential Palace. The Finnish people have had a gigantic rally in Coco's honor. Conan is a GOLDEN GOD in Finland, yet... Conan's show not on TV in Finland. You read that correctly, Sugarsnap: For some INSANE REASON, our show is NOT ON THE AIR IN FINLAND. This is lunacy. This is madness. THIS. WILL. NOT. STAND.

It's time to show the Finnish powers that be that we won't lie down and take this injustice lightly! So here's our plan to force the lawyers to put us on the air in Finland:

Starting right this second, we are completely opening up our website to Finland. Every clip, full episode, behind the scenes video, podcast - EVERYTHING - will be available to watch in Finland ALL THIS WEEK. This is our first salvo across the bow of Finnish injustice, so make it count, people of Finland! No longer will you have to wait days or weeks to see new episodes of CONAN; you'll be able to stream them the day after they air - JUST LIKE EVERYONE HERE IN AMERICA! And it's not just new episodes, either - all this week, you'll be able to freely browse our interview archives; our comedy vault; and past full episodes as well!

You don't need to be Finnish to help us fight this gross injustice; whether you're from Finland, America, Canada, Peru, Uganda, Poland, New Zealand, or another country big or small, you can help us get on the air in Finland by liking this Facebook page: "Conanin uusi show Suomeen" (which translates to "Conan new show in Finland"). Together we can make a difference. Together we can get CONAN on the air in Finland! LET'S LIGHT THIS FINNISH TV CANDLE, Y'ALL!