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Photoshop Contest: Help Celebrate "Shaq Week"

"Shaq Week" is like the Discovery Channel's "Shark Week," only instead of man-eating fish shows for seven days, it's nothing but SHAQ! For a WEEK! We want you to use your Photoshop skillz to commemorate "Shaq Week." This photoshop contest has no rules, much like the post-apocalypse. So here's how you can enter:

  1. Click here or here to download photos of Shaq.
  2. Make gorgeous Photoshop art.
  3. Once you've completed your "Shaq Week" masterpiece, "Like" Team Coco on Facebook and post your submission on our wall.

    We'll pick our favorites and then post them here at the end of the week. Those who win the contest will win the satisfaction that comes with creative self-expression. Also: your work will be featured on Team Coco and you'll be immortalized forever. Who could ask for anything more?

The "Shaq Week" Photoshop Contest is now complete! Head over HERE to check out our favorites.