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Photoshop Contest: Make a CONAN Horror Movie Poster

Are you possessed by the spirit of Halloween? Are you even marginally adept at playing around in Photoshop? Then why not transform your favorite member(s) of the CONAN family into a horrifying movie poster? If your creation reduces us to a quivering puddle of terror, we'll shine a big spotlight on your talents, and maybe even put your poster on TV. Here's how it works:

1. Download pictures from of Conan, Andy, or the Basic Cable Band (or pick others here).
2. Work them into your terrifying movie poster creation
3. "Like" Team Coco on Facebook and post your masterpiece on our wall.

Your pals at Conan HQ will pore over every pixel of your macabre genius and hand-pick a batch of posters before Halloween. The winners get the grand prize of a smooth sense of self-satisfaction at a job well-done. Plus, your work will be featured on Team Coco, and will thus live on into eternity.

Here's an example poster we whipped up. Meh, right? So show us what you got!