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Photoshop Contest: Newt & Calista Campaign Posters

Last week, Conan and Andy discovered that they are the perfect doppelgangers for Newt and Calista Gingrich. This week, it's up to YOU to kick off the Gingrich Impersonator 2012 campaign - with ultra-patriotic posters! Interested? Great! Here's how to take part:
  1. Download these images of Conan and Andy as Newt and Calista Gingrich
  2. Work your Photoshop magic to create a Gingrich 2012 campaign poster
  3. Once you've finished your masterpiece, "Like" Team Coco on Facebook and post it on our wall

That's it! Pretty easy, right? We're doing this contest just for the fun of it, which is our way of saying that we're not promising prizes... but fun is kind of a prize? Right? RIGHT!? Great, now get to it!