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The Terrible 20: Censored Google Searches

According to Google, there has been an "alarming" increase in international governments requesting that search results be censored. Over the past six months, requests by the US government to squash certain searches have shot up 718%. But what exactly are people searching for that has the world's superpowers asking the most popular Internet search engine to censor its results?

We've slapped together 5 Google searches so terrible, they practically demand to be wiped off the web. Help us come up with 15 more. Leave your suggestions in the comments or tweet them to @TeamCoco with the hashtag #TerribleSearches. We'll pick the absolute worst and finish the list tomorrow.

UPDATE: The list is now complete!

The Terrible 20: Censored Google Searches

  1. "John Boehner Nip Slip"

  2. "When Will I Officially Be Chinese?"

  3. "Is The US Government Trying To Censor My Google Searches?"

  4. "Are the Kardashians a purposeful distraction implemented by the US government to entertain and stupefy the populace while the rich and powerful do and get whatever they please?"

  5. "How To Make A Nuclear Reactor With Stuff From Wal-Mart"

  6. "Top 10 easiest ways to get past border patrol into the U.S." - Ben Kotenko

  7. "Mathematical Proof that North Dakota Does Not Exist" - David Miller Sarton

  8. "Why is the McRib seasonal?" - Trevor Murphy

  9. "WWJD" - Crystal Matlock

  10. "Nickelback Tickets" - Devin Malnar-Watkins

  11. "Mitt Romney's Birth Certificate" - Thomas Flanigan

  12. "How to sell nuclear secrets to the North Koreans" - James Powel

  13. "Mr. Belvedere erotic fan fiction" - Carey Scott Miller

  14. "What is censorship?" - Nathan Simmons

  15. "Can the president legally confiscate my Danish?" - @MrETwit

  16. "Liverwurst lubricant" - Jeff Barrett

  17. "Area 51 Secret Senate Applebees" - Andres Fernandez

  18. "Is this the matrix?" - @BATenderMAN

  19. "Summer Bath Salts Recipes" - Ken Keaton

  20. "Bing" - Dustin DeRoxx