1. The Terrible 20: Christmas Songs

The Terrible 20: Christmas Songs

Dixon Gaines
Tis the season for festive melodies. Of course, while some Yuletide tunes are holly & jolly, others are pure sonic coal in the ears. Help finish this list of horrible Christmas songs by leaving your suggestions in the comments or tweeting them @TeamCoco with the hashtag #TerribleXMasSongs. We'll post the worst joyful dirges tomorrow.

[UPDATE: The polls have closed and The Terrible 20: Christmas Songs is now complete. Thanks to everyone who sung along!]
  1. Puddles The Liquid Climate Change Snowman
  2. We Three Los Angeles Kings
  3. Rudolph The Glowing Venison Sausage
  4. Xanax-Fueled Complacency To The World
  5. O Little Town of Bethenny Frankel
  6. Carl of the Bells - Eric Johnson
  7. What Child is This, Maury? - @Username3000
  8. I Saw Mommy In a Dressing Room with Billy Bob Thornton - @PortlandPulp
  9. All I Want For Christmas is Mylanta - @JFSteele
  10. Chipmunks Roasting on an Open Fire - Chris Carnicelli
  11. Do You Smell What I Smell? - @NickBrommer
  12. Oh Little Town of Meth-Mayhem - Ting-Ting Nuno
  13. The 12 Daves Of Christmas - @acp429
  14. Nate Silver Bells - Eric Johnson
  15. Grandma Got Run Over by Lindsay Lohan - Michel Halverson
  16. Salami Night - Jana Casale
  17. Carol Of The Bell Biv Devoes - ‏@StevenSomething
  18. All Daddy Needs For Christmas is a Gun and a Reason - Chris Counts
  19. Baby It's Cold Outside (You're Not Going Anywhere!) - Kevin Pomeroy
  20. O Brony Night - @Velogiraptor