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The Terrible 20: Comic-Con Pick Up Lines

Batman Potter

Ladies and gentlemen, Comic-Con is almost upon us and you know what that means... San Diego is about to be FLOODED with under-sexed nerds looking for some lovin'. Well, to help our fellow nerds out, we've decided to come up with a list of terrible pick up lines NOT to use at Comic-Con or anywhere else for that matter. We came up with the first 10 terrible pick up lines, but we're looking for 10 more! Leave your terrible Comic-Con pick up lines in the comments below or tweet them @TeamCoco with the hashtag #SDCCpickuplines. We'll pick our favorites and post the entire list later in the week. Now get to work!

UPDATE: The list is now complete! Thank you to everyone who participated! We'll do it again soon!

The Terrible 20: Comic-Con Pick Up Lines

  1. Orc-scuse me, but Anime I get your WoW handle?
  2. What's a nice Xena larper like you doing in a parallel dimension like this?
  3. Is that a Varon-T disrupter in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
  4. Baby, you're so fine - the Met One Aerocet GT-531 Aerosol Particle Profiler couldn't detect you.
  5. If I told you you had a great body, would you slither into a metallic leotard and watch 87 consecutive hours of "Stargate SG1" with me?
  6. I know what you're wondering; yes, THAT bone is Adamantium, too.
  7. Baby, you make my Jack Kirby era Motherbox go "Ping!"
  8. Like Lord L'Zoril in Neil Gaiman's award-winning comic book series "Sandman", you make my dreams come true.
  9. Hey, how would you like a free ticket to see the Dark Knight Rising... in my pants?
  10. Wonder Twin Powers... COPULATE!
  11. Want to know how I got these scars? - Jeremy Howell
  12. Oh lamentations! The dark lord Azeroth is looking for virgins to sacrifice in order to raise Cthulu! Quick, we must protect ourselves! - Jarrod Thomas
  13. Are you down to frak or are you as frigid as a goram vamp? - Nathaniel Dale
  14. All your boob are belong to us. - Tonya Purdy
  15. Let me put my elder wand into your chamber of secrets. - Kayla Wright
  16. I'm a legend at Magic: The Gathering. People can't believe the size of my deck. - Miguel Risco
  17. Wanna sleep over? You can have the top bunk. - @MrETWit
  18. Want to have some Fantastic Four-play? - @czarjefferson
  19. tauntaun or yours?? - @DJKid_A
  20. 01101001 00100000 01101100 01101111 01110110 01100101 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101. - Rob Hanbury