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The Terrible 20: Pinterest Boards

The fast-growing social media website Pinterest calls itself a “virtual pinboard,” where users can “pin” up pictures on "boards" to share with "friends." Over 10 million people use this mutant lovechild of Etsy and Facebook to post photos of puppies, shoes and home décor.

We’ve come up with five terrible ideas for Pinterest boards, and we need your help cooking up with 15 more. Leave your Pinterest Board ideas in the comments section or tweet them to @TeamCoco with the hashtag #PinterestBoards. We’ll pick 15 appropriately terrible ones and the list tomorrow.

UPDATE: The list is now complete! Take a look at the Terrible 20 Pinterest Boards below!

The Terrible 20: Pinterest Boards

  1. Bouquets of Fingernails

  2. Nothing But Palm Pilots

  3. Close-ups Of Dentures

  4. Soiled Clown Noses

  5. Discarded Wedding Cake Toppers

  6. Pennies, 1998-2003

  7. Various Types of Tax Forms. - Katie Levin

  8. DIY Cat Hair Crochet Projects - Dana Ryan

  9. Manboobs: The Best of - @FGilfus

  10. Plumbers Named Brad Pitt - Susan Anne Wilson

  11. Pet Rock Breeds - Abby Coleman

  12. Rice or Maggot? - Cathi Schafer

  13. Abercrombie &​ Fitch Models In Mid-Sneeze - @TimFeeny

  14. Placentas, placentas, placentas! - @miriamgc

  15. Questionable Moles - Jennifer Lesh

  16. Do You Think I Need Stitches for This? - Erin Gross Pierce

  17. Brad Paisley in Paisley - @MrETwit

  18. DMV Lady Manicures. - Amanda Lauren Villarreal

  19. Mementos of One Night Stands - Steven Tomasik

  20. "Page Not Found" Screencaps - @dianalsantiago