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The Terrible 20: Reasons You're Late For Work

When you're late to work, honesty is the best policy. Just admit that you overslept and try not to do it again. Whatever you do, don't make up ridiculous reasons to cover up for the fact that you can't get anywhere on time. We're putting together list of terrible excuses for showing up late to work as a reminder that no one believes you when you lie.

We've come up with five lame reasons you're late for work and we need your help coming up with 15 more. Leave your terrible reasons you're late to work in the comments or tweet them to @TeamCoco with the hashtag #LateForWork. We'll pick 15 exceptionally terrible ones and post them tomorrow!

UPDATE: The list is now complete! Thanks to everyone who pitched in!

The Terrible 20: Reasons For Being Late To Work

  1. "My grandmother died. Again."

  2. "I was emotionally distraught after reading that Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion."

  3. "You won't believe this, but a version of me from the future travelled back in time to try and prevent me from continuing to work here."

  4. "My alarm clock is sentient, and is jealous of my relationship with my girlfriend."

  5. "I was up late last night with a panda I recently adopted. You know how baby pandas can be! Total adorable handfuls."

  6. "I'm Batman" - Tanner Hockensmith

  7. "Plowing, planting, and harvesting on all 5 Farmville farms is now consuming considerably more time than it used to." - Melanie Quitevis

  8. "I got caught up in rush hour. On DVD." - @damKnade

  9. "Do you realize how much upkeep a mullet takes?!" Cody Chase

  10. "Who cares if I'm late? It's not like I do anything around here anyways." - @ShaunC1000

  11. "My dog ate my will to be a spineless slave to corporate America just so I can afford to feed my caffeine, nicotine and iPad addictions." - Ryan Rowland

  12. "I was trying to grow a mustache." - William Butler

  13. "I was raging about Mass Effect 3's ending." - Adam Yanes

  14. "I got stuck in the revolving door in the lobby." - @CapnCapes

  15. "Too busy helping Richard Karn move." - Adam Wilson

  16. "My Draw Something word was Sistine Chapel" - @erinwinebark

  17. "I was working on my resume." - Patrick Jones

  18. "My mom didn't wake me up - @MelissaBrunet

  19. ‎"I was trying to figure out what to put on Conan's 20 Reasons You're Late For Work." - Justin Pullen

  20. "The first rule is, you're not supposed to talk about it. And the second rule is, YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO TALK ABOUT IT" - @KC_Laura