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The Terrible 20: Thanksgiving Parade Floats

Thanksgiving Day parades are always wonderful events. You've got wonderful balloons, marching bands, the town's celebrities riding around in cars and, of course, floats. Well, not all floats are good floats as it turns out. We've compiled a list of 10 of the worst floats imaginable and we need your help coming up with 10 more. Leave your terrible float ideas in the comments section or tweet the @TeamCoco with the hashtag #TerribleFloats. We'll pick our 10 favorites and we'll update this list later in the week. Get it? Good. Now get to work!

UPDATE: The list is now complete!

The Terrible 20: Thanksgiving Parade Floats
  1. Qwikster's "Bad Ideas 2011" float featuring the cast of "The Playboy Club"
  2. The UC Davis Pepper Spray Extravaganza!
  3. Herman Cain's Hands-On Democracy Convertible
  4. Huffington Post "Float Build From Other People's Floats" Float
  5. MTV's "16 And Pregnant" High School Marching Band
  6. Plymouth Rock Native American Smallpox Clinic
  7. Goldman Sachs' "Occupy Pebble Beach" Putting Tee
  8. Kim Kardashian's "Sanctity Of Marriage" Pole Dancer Bonanza
  9. A&​E's "Hoarders On Parade" Live-In Dumpster
  10. Butterball Turkey Mobile Slaughterhouse -- Featuring The Amazing Giblet Cannon(tm)
  11. The Already-Promoting-Christmas Thanksgiving-Marchers - John Staley
  12. Tribute to Dad Oversized La-Z-Boy Float with Turkey Stain and Hand in Pants Action Lever - @TWMorrow
  13. YouTube presents: People getting accidentally hit in the groin float. - Chad Dowdell
  14. The "Black Friday Mob Trampling An Elderly Wal-Mart Greeter" float - @mehworth
  15. 2 Floats, 1 Cup - Reid Anderson
  16. Lady Gaga Dressed As A Rootbeer Float Float – Daniel Whalen
  17. MTV Jersey Shore's Hot Tub, Featuring Suspicious Floating Substance -@DianaLSantiago
  18. "The ReTweet Fleet" - A Collection Of Smaller Floats That Merely Point At Other, Better Floats - Manfred Yon
  19. Jimmy buffet making love to a parrot on the hood of a Plymouth. - Matt Ricci
  20. The NBA 2011-2012 Season Highlights float. - Rob Burg
That will do it for this Terrible 20, thanks to everyone who participated! We'll do it again soon, but until then HAPPY THANKSGIVING!