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The Terrible 4/20: Stoner Ideas

The holiest day of the year for marijuana-enthusiasts, April 20th, a.k.a "4/20," a.k.a "Stoner Christmas," is right around the corner. Which means the stupid idea marketplace is about to be flooded by stoners having "Eureka" moments. Luckily for humanity, it's very unlikely that any of these potheads have the motivation and/or organizational skills to make their ideas happen. So, in the event that you won't be taking part in this Friday's festivities, we thought we'd share some of the most ridiculous stoner ideas here so you don't feel left out.

We've come up with five terrible stoner ideas and we want you to come up with 15 more! Leave your terrible stoner ideas in the comments or tweet them to @TeamCoco with the hashtag #Highdeas. We'll pick 15 especially stoner-iffic ideas and post them tomorrow... if we remember.

UPDATE: The list is now complete! Thanks to everyone who pitched in! The Terrible 20: Stoner Ideas

  1. "Dude, we should make a bong out of this bong!"

  2. "Let's fill the bathtub with milk and cereal, climb in, and eat ourselves clean!"

  3. "Hey, let's find out if any of these Phish albums sync up with "Jack and Jill."

  4. "Just keep shouting at CNN's Frolf Spliffzer and he'll hear you through the television."

  5. "I think those police officers over there would find my naked, spread-open buttocks as hilarious as I do."

  6. “Dude. We should put a McDouble in a Dorito's Taco and dip it in Arby's sauce.” - Cameron Johnston

  7. “Check it out, man, I bet if you gave that alligator a couple tokes he'd be real cool to chill with!” - Rusty Tisdale

  8. “Let's have quadruplets and name them after the Ninja Turtles!” - Joan Michelle Miller

  9. “Let's perform rap on stage with a hologram of Mitt Romney!” - Eric Car

  10. “Lets see if the dryer can make 5 grilled cheese sandwiches at once. I’m too stoned to turn on the stove." - @ThatNacho

  11. "We should replace the carpet with lawn, cause then we willn't have to vacuum anymore or take our shoes off when we come inside."- Brian Snyder

  12. “Dude, let's re-edit Pulp Fiction in chronological order....” - Paul Sanchez

  13. "Let's name our son Bongrip Von Bongenstein"#Highdeas - @JustTheDavis

  14. "Dude, we should totally change our names and see if people still recognize us." - Paul Sanchez

  15. “Dude, we should totally plant these potato chip crumbs so we can grow a potato chip tree, and we'll never have to buy chips again!” - Deborah Hawkins

  16. “Forget the dog. Let's go to the zoo and blow bong hits up the elephants' trunks.” - @MehWorth

  17. “Let's name our son Conan.” - Tony Wood

  18. “Dude, we should invent diet weed... so we don't get the munchies!”- Erica Davis Canfield

  19. “Hold on, maybe this cop knows who sang Funky Town.” - @Saltines

  20. “What if the fridge, is a lie?” - Matt Gordon