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The Terrible 20: "Animal Planet" Dog Shows

Animal Planet's "Puppy Bowl" has been such a smashing success, the cable channel is racing to produce more dog-themed spins on TV classics. Some of these series are destined for greatness, while others... not so much.

Help us finish this list of horrifically punny canine TV shows by leaving your suggestions in the comment section or tweeting them @TeamCoco with the hashtag #AwfulDogShows

[UPDATE: The Terrible 20: "Animal Planet" Dog Shows is now complete. Thanks for all of your horrible ideas! Please never work in television.]
  1. How I Mounted Your Mother
  2. Keeping Up With The Pomeranians
  3. Game of Bones
  4. Here Comes Honey Bow-Wow
  5. America's Next Top Mongrel
  6. Terriers & TiarasMichel Halverson
  7. Bark TankJosh Denmark
  8. Shih Tzu My Dad Says@JFSteele
  9. Greyhound's Anatomy@MojoEnvy
  10. Doogie Schnauzer M.D.Don Smith
  11. Barks and RecreationWesley Lostaunau
  12. Everybody Hates Cats@RobbieSherwood
  13. Star Trek: Deep Space CanineLauren Molnar
  14. Puplandia@StevenCrane
  15. Fresh Poop Of Bel AirKaren Augerman
  16. K90210TJ Harrell
  17. Housebreaking Bad@LauraGoldman
  18. Deadliest FetchJon Berahya
  19. Corgi TownEric Stephens
  20. Hawaii Fido@MattMaybray