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The Terrible 20: Trendy Baby Names

According to the Social Security Administration, the most popular name for a baby girl in 2012 is "Sophia," and, for the 13th year in a row, the most popular name for a boy is "Jacob." Other trendy newborn monikers include: Madison, Isabella, and Alexander. We're raising a generation of strippers, vampires and investment bankers. But it could be worse.

We're creating a list of 20 terrible baby names so cringe-inducing, you'll be thankful for every love critter named after a character in the "Twilight" movies. But we've only come up with 5 and need help with 15 more. Leave your terrible baby names for 2012 in the comments or tweet them @TeamCoco with #BabyNames2012. We'll chose our favorite and complete the list tomorrow.

The Terrible 20: Baby Names For 2012

  1. Optimus Gandalf

  2. Honey Boo-boo

  3. Vidalia

  4. Haymitch

  5. Mittens

  6. Green Algae - Max Heyworth

  7. Kony - @KatTheGoalie

  8. Derpina - Sergio Barajas Lozano

  9. Edcob - Theresa Bruckner

  10. Dorito Locos - Joey Hough

  11. I'll Have Another - Matt Kessler

  12. Alopecia -- @Madeyouread

  13. Jermajesty - Mickey Ryder

  14. Mittrack Obramney - Lori L. Craig

  15. Spraytan - Adam Sandwell

  16. Methany- Aaron Killian

  17. Joffrey- Bryan Koerner

  18. Dypthong - @Mehworth

  19. Zackcident - Matthew Bellany

  20. Bidet - Jana Casale