1. The Terrible 20: Bond Girl Names

The Terrible 20: Bond Girl Names

John DeVore
James Bond, Skyfall, The Terrible 20

Breaking with a decades-long tradition, the new James Bond movie "Skyfall" doesn't have a single femme fatale with a comically sexual name. Has the Broccoli family run out of suggestive puns? Help us finish this list of Bond Girl names so absurdly terrible, no spy would love them. Leave your suggestions in the comments section or tweet them @TeamCoco with the hashtag #TerribleBondGirls. We'll publish the worst tomorrow.

[UPDATE: The polls have closed and The Terrible 20: Bond Girl Names is now complete. Thanks to everyone who earned their Double-O status and played along!]
The Terrible 20: Bond Girl Names
  1. Glorious Steinem
  2. Rachel Milhous Nixon
  3. Madame Ovary
  4. Babe Vigoda
  5. Areola Akimbo
  6. Dixville Notch - @Tsarvay
  7. Susan Double D Anthony - @k373n
  8. Nudie Gingrich - ‏@crane2000
  9. Him Kardashian - @StevenSomething
  10. Hellgasm - @skewedatbirth
  11. Val Trixen - Elaine Elliott
  12. Jessica Boca Raton - Romy Luna
  13. Vagina Monologue - Jeremy Hammett
  14. Baroness von Barrenwomb - @KevinPerryRules
  15. Bimbo Fett - Kalvin Goodlaxson
  16. Ophelia Johnson - Max Heyworth
  17. Jane Fondle - @MattMaybray
  18. Xiu Fetish - Sean Humphries
  19. Pelosi Galore - Jack Myhervold
  20. Helvetica Fontsworth - Jonas Polsky