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The Terrible 20: 'Cosplay' Costume Ideas

'Cosplay' is the term for people who enjoy dressing up like their favorite comic book superheroes, video game characters, or sci-fi movie icons. It is great, harmless fun for all involved. That is, so long as you're not wearing any of these five terrible 'cosplay' costumes.

Help us finish this list of 'Cosplay' costumes ideas so awful, they would fill geeks with rage. Leave your suggestions in the comments or tweet them to @TeamCoco with the hashtag #TerribleCosplay. We'll pick the 15 best of the worst, and post the completed list tomorrow.

UPDATE: The list is now complete!

The Terrible 20: 'Cosplay' Costume Ideas

  1. Tin-Foil Batman

  2. Na'vi Who Ran Out Of Blue Make-Up

  3. Darth Gandalf

  4. Redneck Zelda

  5. Spock In Short Shorts

  6. Charles XXXavier - @CriticGamer

  7. Steampunk Andy Richter - Mattias Gamlin

  8. Superman's Neighbor - Adam Mcauley

  9. Kratos, God of Draperies - @MattMaybray

  10. Puff the Magic Dragonball Z - @kt_delaney

  11. Spyro Agnew - Chris Keener

  12. Luke Skywalker's Severed Hand - Tyler Huffman

  13. Optimus Prime-Rib - Dimitry Toukhcher

  14. Teddy Ruxpin - Sean Thomas Gill

  15. WonderWoman in a Sensible Pantsuit - @NickBrommer

  16. Obi-Wan KePickachu John D'Ambrosio

  17. Frasier Crane - @CoachDRB

  18. Slutty Gandalf - Dimitry Toukhcher

  19. AquaVelvaMan - Starr Hardgrove

  20. Tomb Vader Ravna Broman