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The Terrible 20: College Courses

Colleges across the country are offering courses in professional wrestling, pirates and tattoos. Do these classes prepare students for the real world? Does that even matter anymore?

Below is an incomplete list of utterly useless college courses - help complete it by leaving your suggestions in the comments or tweeting them to @TeamCoco with the hashtag #badcollegecourses. We'll pick the absolute worst and finish the list tomorrow.

[UPDATE: The list is now complete. Thanks to everyone who played along!]
  1. Psychology 302: Vegans & The Psychology of Superiority Complexes
  2. World History 230: Amusing 19th Century Facial Hair
  3. Typography 203: The Playful Elegance of Comic Sans
  4. American Literature 301: Doctor Who Fan Fiction Theory & Criticism
  5. Mathematical Thinking 405: Does the Fourth Tequila Always Equal Floor?
  6. Anthropology 250: First World ProblemsOlivia Davis
  7. Modern Art 400: How To Succeed Without Ever Winning Dad's Approval@Nick_Olish
  8. Film 205: Sexual Yells of Shia LaBeoufLouis Phang
  9. Intro to Philosophy: Why Are Birds Angry?James Mullan
  10. Modern English 201: Practical Applications for Emoticons o_0Joey Bianci
  11. Sociology 501: Honey Boo Boo and The Rise of Intellectualism in Western Culture@HockeyGod98
  12. Political Science 489: The Speeches of Lincoln, Eisenhower, and Mayor McCheeseBen Cable
  13. Computer Science 335: Linux for Everyone‏@NickBrommer
  14. Anatomy 101: ONLY the ColonMicah Claffey
  15. Animal Husbandry 452: Breeding the Perfect Pokemon@PopDPW
  16. Geology 450: Coping With Your Choice As a Geology MajorRyan James Tefft
  17. Dance 438: Standing Still, An Introduction to ColdplayAndy Palmer
  18. History 102: What Did You Do This Weekend?Marc Chaty
  19. Reverse Psychology 180: You Don't Want to Take This Class@Username3000
  20. Women's Studies for Perverts 425: Advanced LeeringGabe Hernandez