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The Terrible 20: SMS Texting Acronyms

The SMS text message just turned 20 years old. While some beloved text-speak acronyms like "LOL" &​ "TTYL" have gone mainstream, others R 2 crappy 2 B NE good. Help us finish this list of lame texting acronyms by leaving your suggestions in the comments or tweeting them @TeamCoco with the hashtag #TerribleTexts.

[UPDATE: The polls have closed and The Terrible 20: SMS Texting Acronyms is now complete. THX 4 PLYNG EVRY1!!]
  1. MOL (Miming Out Loud)
  2. CTTSFD (Can't Talk, Tongue Swollen From Dehydration)
  3. EML (Eating My Legos)
  4. WEIGDBITTLTTIOOMP (Would Explain In Greater Detail But It Takes Too Long To Type It Out On My Phone)
  5. MYBTWCC& (Meet You Between Circuit City & Borders Books)
  6. EDAA (Eating Dinner Alone Again)AJ O'Connel
  7. PUFS (Please Use Full Sentences)CyberAthlete
  8. IOH2%BLIWCYFAP (I Only Have 2% Battery Left, I Will Call You From A Payphone)Farzad Taheri
  9. NSFWUYWAHAAWPADL (Not Safe For Work Unless You Work At Home And Already Watch Porn All Day Long)Dennis Rogers
  10. MILF ( Meal I'd Like to Forget)Heather McGinnis
  11. CTNIFOJ (Can't Text Now, In Front Of Judge)Ray Davis
  12. LGBT (Lets Get Beer Together!)Michael Ortiz
  13. WSSSEO (We Should Stop Seeing Each Other)Alfredo Lopez
  14. YJTMATICBYHMNSCMM (You Just Texted Me, And This Is Crazy, But You Have My Number, So Call Me Maybe?)Matt Lowrie
  15. TSR (That's So Raven)James Santos
  16. YR (I Don't Know the Difference Between "Your" and "You're")Jana Casale
  17. IPTLITB (It Puts The Lotion In The Basket)Adam Castro
  18. SYATSIDLLATP ( Sending You A Text So I Don't Look Lonely At This Party)Gareth Sodapop O'Dalaigh
  19. FFHSOT680AGOAL (From Fremont Head South On The 680 And Get Off At Landess)Joe Herberger
  20. K (Potassium)Joey Bianci