1. The Terrible 20: "Star Wars" Spinoffs

The Terrible 20: "Star Wars" Spinoffs

Beth Meroski
With Disney now firmly in control of the "Star Wars" universe, some obscure spinoff characters and franchises will soon be going the way of the Death Star.

Help us finish this sad list of sci-fi rejects that belong in a galaxy even farther away by commenting or tweeting them @TeamCoco with the hashtag #TerribleStarWarsSpinoffs.The list is complete! Thanks for all of your terrible submissions.

The Terrible 20: "Star Wars" Spinoffs
  1. R2-DCups
  2. Wheel Of Fortuna
  3. Underbite Chewbacca
  4. Jenny Craig Jabba The Hut
  5. Tyler Perry's C3PO
  6. The Dagobah Shore - Steven Mathis
  7. Tuskens and Tiaras - Craig Yellowlees
  8. Here Comes Honey Dooku - Jeff Berling
  9. The Sith Sense - Jennifer Bergenholtz
  10. Rancor Management - @TP_313
  11. Leia House on the Prarie - Eric John Elj
  12. Ice Road Tauntauns - Bret Phillips
  13. Obi GYN Kenobi - Randall Walters
  14. General Hothpital - SJ Crompton
  15. The Ewoking Dead - Bryan Koerner
  16. How I Met Your Mothma - Brandon Mojito Wei
  17. Diners, Drive-ins and Wretched Hives of Scum and Villainy - Tim Vogler
  18. Who's The Bossk? - JJ Brent
  19. The Girl With the Dragon Tatooine - @SDenness2000
  20. Saving Mr. Binks - @StaxIGN