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The Terrible 20: Subreddits

Mega-popular link site is in hot water this week following the outing of "Violentacrez," a Reddit moderator infamous for creating offensively creepy forums or "Subreddits". With Violentacrez out of commission, Reddit needs help coming with topics for Subreddits so awful, no one but grotesque trolls would ever post there.

Leave your terrible Subreddit suggestions in the comments section or tweet them @TeamCoco with the hashtag #TerribleSubreddits.

[UPDATE: The Terrible 20: Subreddits is now closed. Thanks to everyone who played along!]
  1. r/PlushyUpskirt
  2. r/SteampunkGrannies
  3. r/AlanAldaFanFic
  4. r/EroticFingerFood
  5. r/SockPuppetFightClub
  6. r/GirlsDressedAsCondiments@garrettgravley
  7. r/ShyFrogs@Goody71
  8. r/ZombieKamaSutra@JadeNS3l6
  9. r/ShowerDrains@KelleyGreene
  10. r/AndyRichtersFunClub@LarryPounder
  11. r/PlatypusBoudoir@Bluracho
  12. r/DiaperFinds@Goody71
  13. r/RicoSuaveLyricsJoey Bianci
  14. r/AuntsInYogaPantsDrew Alexander
  15. r/NonSexualInnuendosDanny Lew
  16. r/StretchedOutAndSaggyTattoosAmy Lou Wagner
  17. r/HamFetishLouis Phang
  18. r/AppleCartographersDavid Mello
  19. r/HotXXXmasSweaterMakar Yeliseykin
  20. r/VericoseVeiniacsAlun Moody