1. The Terrible 20: Valentine's Day Gifts

The Terrible 20: Valentine's Day Gifts

Beth Meroski
There are traditional Valentine's Day gifts like boxes of chocolate and bouquets of roses… and then there are these deeply inferior presents.

Help us finish this list of lousy Valentine's Day gifts – leave your suggestions in the comments or tweet them @TeamCoco with the hashtag #TerribleVDayGifts

[UPDATE: The Terrible 20: Valentine's Day Gifts is now complete. Thanks for all of your truly terrible gift ideas!]
The Terrible 20: Valentine's Day Gifts
  1. Edible Arrangement of Steamed Ham Cubes
  2. DVD Box Set Of "NYPD Blue"
  3. Factory Irregular Rolos
  4. Weekend For Two At Newark Airport's Courtyard By Marriott
  5. A Special Needs Chinchilla
  6. Two left shoes and a half-eaten kumquat. - @quintanerd
  7. Edible Stretch Mark Cream - Julia Celley
  8. Sen. Harry Reid Romance Novels, Including Cranky Cavalier, The Scowling Pimpernel, and The Philandering Filibusterer - Jack Myhervold
  9. A Groupon for a Couples Colonic - Deena Nyer Mendlowitz 
  10. Corned Beef & Cabbage Flavored Edible Underwear - @Rick1227Ward
  11. Bedpan With Lady Riding A Dragon Airbrushed On The Side - @unklesteve
  12. A Shovel And Brick Wrapped With A Ribbon - Jim Badger
  13. Framed, Life-Sized Oil Painting Of His Mom To Hang Over The Bed - @jesscFTW
  14. Erotica On Tape, Read By A Giggling Joe Biden - @SmithLGreg
  15. Ed Hardy Silk Nightie - Jon Berahya
  16. His & Hers & Hers & Hers Sister Wives Monogrammed Towels - Lloyd Sanchez
  17. Crotchless Chastity Belt - @JonasPolsky
  18. A Book Of Mr.T's Love Poems - Alan T Blondin
  19. Kama Sutra For Dummies - @Kevintrkdrvr
  20. James Carville Sex Doll - Daniel Croxton