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The Terrible 20: Wi-Fi Network Names

Your home Wi-Fi network represents an opportunity to continuously broadcast a short, impersonal message to neighbors and strangers seeking free high-speed internet.

Help us finish this list of truly unfortunate network names by leaving your suggestions in the comment section or tweeting them @TeamCoco with the hashtag #TerribleWiFiNames.

[UPDATE: The Terrible 20: Wi-Fi- Network Names is now complete. Thanks for all of your truly terrible submissions!]
  1. NotTheDEA
  2. CannibalismRulz
  3. ImChrisHansenWithDatelineNBC
  4. ApartmentD1HasCrappyTasteInMusic
  5. ICanHearYouSnoring
  6. DisabledRichDiamondMineHeiressBenjamin Johnston
  7. RebelliousAmishManNicholas Weight
  8. TylerPerryPresents:WiFiDidIGetMarried?Sarah Maria Hess
  9. ShesFakingItJen Scanlon
  10. WinternetIsComingLucille E. Blume
  11. ImThatNeighborThatTheyWillDescribeOnTheNewsAsBeingALonerNick Brommer
  12. NigerianEmailSignUpByron Behne
  13. PutTheLotionInTheBasketPat Flynn
  14. SexyClownFinderBrent Johnson
  15. IfYourDogMakesOneMoreSoundDillon Spears
  16. WARMCUSTARDSALADGeoffrey Fowler
  17. EnterMyPortsAnonymouslyJonas Polsky
  18. ThePromiseLANKerrie Quirk
  20. TwoGuysOneRouterKristine Arrazcaeta