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What's So Funny: Billy Dee Williams & Patton Oswalt Sing "Star Wars" Karaoke

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  • Star Wars Cantina Karaoke With Billy Dee Williams, Patton Oswalt &​ More
    It's a wretched hive of scum &​ villainy. But it's also THE place to see bounty hunters warble "Sweet Caroline." [Nerdist]

  • Billy Eichner Sings Taylor Swift's New Single "Glitter And Ribs"
    Billy dons a blonde wig to warble the immortal line "With burgers on the grill and sparkles on my eyes / He served me a fib with a side of lies." [Funny Or Die]

  • Aziz Ansari Pitches The First Emoji Movie
    Starring Jennifer Lawrence as the Red Dress Girl, Blake Lively as the Girl With Her Arms Crossed, and Dustin Hoffman as the Guy Leaning On His Arms. [Comedy Bang Bang]

  • Louis C.K. Gets Animated Talking About Global Warming
    If you thought a Louis C.K. routine was funny before, just wait till you see it in cartoon form. [via Huffington Post]

  • The Loot, The Warrant, The Crook: Where In The World Is Edward Snowden?
    Edward Snowden gets the Carmen Sandiego treatment. Do it, Rockapella! [CollegeHumor]