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What's So Funny: Billy Eichner Asks Will Ferrell "Would Drew Barrymore Like That?"

Also: The Golden Globes, Johnny Carson, Gary Busey's Thoughts On Hobbits &​ More

Billy &​ Will Ferrell On The Street
Billy Eichner dares Will Ferrell to play the high-stakes game "Would Drew Barrymore Like That?" []

The Golden Globe For Best Golden Globe Hosts Goes To
Here are the best moments from Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's celebrated turn as the hosts of the Not Quite Oscars. []

Here's Johnny
The final two episodes of Johnny Carson's iconic run as the King of Late Night are revisited, reviewed, and remembered. []

A Ron Swanson-Inspired Breakfast Sandwich
Ingredients include ham, bacon, roast beef, and maple syrup (on request). Nick Offerman needs to try this manly treat. []

What Is A Hobbit? Gary Busey Explains
Everything will make sense now. []