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What's So Funny: "Billy on the Street" Season 2 Begins

Team Coco's "What's So Funny" -- your source for breaking news that answers the questions "Is this thing on?", "What's the deal with airports?" and "Anyone here from out of town?"

"Funny or Die's Billy On The Street" Season 2 Premiere
Our pal Billy Eichner reaches the terrible twos as the second season of his show, "Funny or Die's Billy On The Street," premieres on December 7 on Fuse. [Funny or Die]

The Onion Snookers A Chinese Paper
The Onion playfully declared North Korean dictator Kim Jung-Un the Sexiest Man Alive. Unfortunately, the online version of China's Communist Party newspaper took it at face value. [HuffingtonPost]

Laughspin's 2012 Readers' Choice Comedy Award
Laughspin wants you to vote on your comedy favorites, including Favorite Stand-Up, Favorite Comedy, and of course, Favorite Late Night Show. Be sure to cast your ballot for CONAN, and, as always, vote early and vote often! [Laughspin]

Nickelback+Pretentious Instragram Pics = Hilarity
CollegeHumor realizes that while crappy Instagram photos and Nickleback are terrible, a Nickelback parody song about crappy Instagram photos is great. [College Humor]

Grumpy Cat Visits The Buzzfeed Office
Everyone's favorite cranky kitty visits the funsters at Buzzfeed. Melancholia follows. [Buzzfeed]