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What's So Funny: Huell From "Breaking Bad" Returns In "Huell's Rules"

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  • After "Breaking Bad" Comes Huell's New Show "Huell's Rules"
    Huell's still stuck in that motel room, getting into wacky hi-jinks with his sassy wife and two smart-alec kids. [Funny or Die]

  • What's It Like To Watch "Low Winter Sun" After "Breaking Bad"
    "Does anyone actually watch this show?" "No! Nooooooo!!" [CollegeHumor]

  • This Muppet Mash-Up Makes "Sesame Street" Electric
    If you've ever wanted to see Grover croon out a mellow electro chorus, today is your lucky day. [via Huffington Post]

  • The Biggest Transition Seasons In "SNL" History
    There are six new faces this season on "Saturday Night Live," which might seem like a lot till you consider the 1980 season that brought us such comedic powerhouses as Denny Dillon and Ann Risley. [Splitsider]