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What's So Funny: Joseph Gordon-Levitt's "HitRecord On TV" First Episode Is Here

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  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt's "HitRecord On TV" Is All About Number 1
    JGL's first episode of his new show talks all about first times, and features a song Joseph wrote. What more do you want? [HitRecord On TV]

  • Jon Daly's Imaginary Friend Is Kenny G
    Kenny slips Jon a black sax and christens him "Jonny D."[Funny Or Die]

  • Relive Tina Fey &​ Amy Poehler's Golden Globe Monologue
    Now you can rewind and rewatch Tina &​ Amy's killer George Clooney jab as many times as you'd like. [via Huffington Post]

  • "Star Trek" The Derp Trailer
    Slacktory makes a trailer for J.J. Abram's "Star Trek" entirely filled with bloopers. [Slacktory]

  • If U.S. Politicians Were X-Men
    Good luck trying to not imagine Joe Biden as Gambit from this point forward. [CollegeHumor]