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What’s So Funny: Newt Scamander Vs Gremlins, Slimer, Pennywise & More

Team Coco's "What's So Funny" -- your source for breaking news that answers the questions "Is this thing on?", "What's the deal with airports?" and "Anyone here from out of town?"

  • Newt Scamander Vs Gremlins, Slimer, Pennywise &​ More
    What happens when everyone’s favorite critter obsessed wizard has to battle some REALLY evil movie monsters? [Funny Or Die]

  • Does “Stage Dad” Show The World’s Worst Dad Or The World’s Worst Kid?
    Dad just wants his 8-year old son to be a star but Cody…Cody is dark, man. [TubeFilter]

  • Chris Pratt Keeps Ruining His Selfies With Jennifer Lawrence
    Oh, that Chris Pratt! He’s such a jokester! [via Cheezeburger]

  • Enter The Majestic &​ Breathtaking Gyllenhall
    It’s just a never-ending picture parade of God’s gift to humanity, Jake Gyllenhaal. Do you need to know anything else? [The Gyllenhall]

  • Donald Trump Is Really Just Prince John From Disney’s ”Robin Hood”
    Thin-skinned bully? Check. Ill-fitting clothes? Check. Predilection for gold furniture? Super check. [via AV Club]